About Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an international non-profit organization that raises money to build affordable housing for the underprivileged. It is a Christian organization “seeking to put God’s love into action” through global fundraising and altruistic construction. All affiliates of the organization work voluntarily and houses are offered at no cost to families. Since its founding it has helped to raise over 800,000 homes for families worldwide.

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Habitat’s origins can be traced to a man named Millard Fuller. A trader, lawyer, and self-made millionaire, he gave up his wealth to lead a Christian life with his wife. After leaving and returning from Zaire on a set of missionary endeavors, he set up on Koinonia Farm in Georgia and began soliciting voluntary labor and donations to construct houses at no profit. This coalition would eventually birth the Habitat for Humanity that continues the mission today. The idea soon reached thousands across the Appalachian states, and the group had established its soon-to-be legacy. Five years after, it would reach out to seven foreign countries.

The organization assesses a family or community’s need for housing independent of race and religion, and looks for solvency and a willingness to join the group in its efforts. Habitat homes do come with a mortgage so it is crucial that applicants receive personal and financial background checks that show their readiness to take on a new home. To help lower costs, Habitat uses locally sourced materials and avoids extravagant fixtures. melissa keroackIt continues to look for greener methods of building to reduce waste and create homes more efficiently for a growing number of people worldwide. Habitat has a number of sub-initiatives including Women Build, focused on increasing female participation in fields like construction, and Youth Programs that reach out to high schoolers and college students to blend the ideas of education and altruism. Habitat was present in the wake of many devastated areas requiring reconstruction efforts. It built homes along the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina, and builds home in Haiti after the earthquake.

Today, well known political figures and celebrities volunteer to help on several projects. Churches and community centers all over contribute to raise awareness and offer assistance in the execution of projects. Its reach grows with the world’s need for help.