Show Some HART

HART stands for Homeless Animal Rescue Team, a nonprofit organization located in Cumberland, Maine that serves as a shelter and adoption center for cats. HART was founded by Eileen Smith in 1997 when she renovated a barn on her property in Maine and turned it into a rescue shelter.

melissa keroack HART

Throughout the years, many volunteers joined up with her to help with the animals. In 1999, Eileen moved to a different state but the organization continued and volunteers took on the responsibilities of running the shelter and helping the cats. Now, HART is a well known private shelter and adoption center that is licensed in Maine and contains an assortment of 80 volunteers who are dedicated to helping save the lives of cats. The new construction of the shelter was built in 2004 and was custom designed to cater to the cats. The inside of the shelter includes climbing structures, beds, and various places to feed the cats. This open-environment allows the cats to live a happy, healthy lifestyle and create bonds with each other.

melissa keroack HARTcat

HART is run only by kind-hearted volunteers who are passionate about providing shelter for these cats and saving their lives. Some duties of these volunteers include providing the cats with medical services, nourishing the cats, neutering the them, finding them homes, and raising income for the organization by networking to foundations and individuals. All cats at HART are tested for feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus and are vaccinated as soon as possible. Before a cat is given to its new owner, HART volunteers make sure that the cat is neutered and vaccinated for various diseases including rabies.

If you love cats and want to help out this incredible nonprofit organization, check out their website and find out ways you can help.