Volunteer Abroad: Programs to Consider

So many of us are hit with the travel bug these days, and why not act on it? There are tons of beautiful places to discover around the world – from the African Sahara to the rainf
orests of Costa Rica. And with the ability to travel anywhere far and wide, we should act on it – but why not travel with a purpose? Volunteering abroad is a great way to learn about different cultures in the country you’re visiting, and it gives you a chance to help people who live in the community. Here are a few great programs to consider when volunteering abroad:

Melissa Keroack Costa RicaIVHQ: Costa Rica

First is IVHQ, which has dozens of partner organizations in Costa Rica and are always on the hunt for dedicated volunteers. The best part about these programs is that they’re very affordable – around $300 each! You can choose from a variety of fields that spark your interest, including teaching, construction, and environmental preservation. Another plus about this program is that you can take discounted SPanish lessons and you have the opportunity to sign up for a program that lasts either 1 week, or 24 weeks. There’s no better way to learn about the beauty of Costa Rica and its people than through IVHQ’s volunteer programs.

African Impact: South Africa

South Africa is also home to a multitude of volunteer programs. African Impact is leaMelissa Keroack South Africading volunteer organization that hosts diverse community projects, some of which include: HIV/Aids awareness, sports development, health care, and orphan care. As a volunteer with African Impact you can also contribute to the conservation of Africa’s wildlife through various research and conservation projects. These projects include: the study of the Great White Shark, Cheetah rehabilitation, and various volunteer opportunities and animal shelters. South Africa is home to some of the most beautiful scenery, loving people, and magnificent wildlife that you can become involved with by volunteering abroad.

Melissa Keroack ThailandVolunteering Solutions Programs: Thailand

Another great volunteer program takes places in Thailand and is called the Volunteering Solutions Programs, which offers programs in many of Thailand’s cities, including: Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Koh Samui, and Surin. Volunteers can get involved with elephant conservation, teaching children in schools and orphanages, and working in health care. With beautiful beaches, ancient temples, and delicious food, it’s no wonder Thailand is such a popular travel destination. And you can make it your next one by signing up with the Volunteering Solutions Programs – you’ll be sure to find a program that meets all your interests and travel expectations.

For more information on various volunteering programs abroad, please visit GoOverseas.com where you can read about a wide range of both traveling and volunteer opportunities.